Blackpool Twitter gem of the day

Twitter is the free way to find prospects for your Business. As Blackpool’s official Business Adviser I am constantly being asked “With no funds how can I get my product seen by potential customers?” True life without money is tough, and Businesses without a marketing fund are at a big disadvantage. Well no more! On my Road to Business course, promoted by Blackpool Council and operated by Orvia Group @fycreatives, I teach the benefits of Social media. Did you now that by using the # key in the search button you can search for people or places that you want to target. E.g you want to sell your goods to hotels in Blackpool? Yellow pages and local press very expensive, nothing wrong with them just not targeted. #blackpool will find you anyone who has talked about, or is linked in some way to Blackpool. Once you have the list you can simply use the names provided @abcde and tweet them singularly or plural with a positive message or a link to your website, your you tube video, your Facebook page, a photo, or even your blog. The fact you are reading this is a point in question. So to recap.
Discover contacts via # tag, mention the target via the @ symbol, and tweet them a link.
Hope this helps? Ring Orvia Group at 01772422242 for details of Road to Business courses, and you can contact me, Geoff at FY Creative Centre, 154 Church Street, Blackpool, on 01253 477147


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