Research your idea before you start in Business

You know how it is. You think I know what I will do, make a million! I love sweets, I will open a sweet shop and everyone will flock to my shop and I will make a fortune! Yes I know, no-one would simply open a shop on a whim? How wrong you are. Look at the high street, how many shops are closed, some in less than a year. It’s always someone else’s fault! What could they have done? Well for a start look at the area and see what the demographics were. would show them local population, male/ female, houses,ages etc. FREE. Same information from your local council website. google etc. would tell you about competition. A short survey to ask what people want in the area may save you money and misery. Going to Get Started at the FYCreative Centre, 154 Church Street, Balckpool, and asking for Geoff from Orvia would get you free 121 business advice, courses and support. Overheads kill businesses! Getting a cash flow forecast from Orvia would potentially save you money! Moral? We are here in Blackpool to help you start your Business. Ring us on 01253477147 or 01772422242


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