Networking Groups

The toughest decision to make when starting out is what to spend your meagre marketing budget on. You know you need to spend, but what gets you the best results and achieve the best spend to result ratio? All marketing people will say they are the one to choose! Of course they will, it’s their Company! I have found picking a good support group better known as a networking group is both cost efficient and produces long term, not short term, results. It is a slow burn, but keeps morale up, let’s you know you are not alone, and can keep you on the right track. Sharing good and bad practices. Getting good sales tips. Hearing from real people what works for them, can only help you! Without doubt the best I have seen is run by Pink Link. Sorry boys it is for girls, but their philosophy is simple, Give more than you take! Help people develop, help the community and help sustain businesses. Truly inspirational, truly for their local community. If you get chance, take a look at their website, even you boys,


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