Business leaflets and how to get results

£50 POUND NOTES. Would you burn a £50 note? Of course not, yet new businesses do this every time when they commence trading! Before you shout at me, let me explain. You know how it is, you have little or no money to spend on advertising, you hear that leaflets get you between 2 and 10% returns so you get your cash out and buy 10,000 and you put an offer on and date it. Oh yes you do! Sensible people buy less and give a general call to arms such as “ring 01234567812 for an unbeatable service now etc.” But no that is still not the answer! Tradesmen out there prick up your ears. Is your Van sign written? Does it have your phone number on it? OK! This is your signboard to the world, or more specifically where you are working. Call it a big A frame. Park outside the job you are doing, 20 minutes before you are due to start. Yes that means getting out of bed earlier, sorry. Now take your leaflets and walk down the road to your left, put a leaflet in each house until you cannot see your van, cross the road put a leaflet in each house and walk back and past your van on the other side of the road until you cannot see it again, cross the road and walk back to the van on the same side of the road as the van and put a leaflet in each house until you get back to the van. Why? People will go the door, and pick up leaflet, it is proven fact people are curious, secondly they will look out of the window, they will see the van-make the connection and think if it is good enough for my neighbour( same social group usually) and if they need some work doing, they will get in touch. This works, 20 minutes before each job, save money increase results. Hope this helps. Follow me on twitter @scubageoff or reach me at The FYCreatives Centre, on 01253477147


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