What you see is what you get

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression! Always state the obvious eh? In this case it is the truth. So you need to get your product out their and get clients to have the desire to buy your product or take your service? Limited budget? The worst thing you can do is make do, or create your own media such as cards and leaflets, unless you are skilled in this area. What you do not do is wing it and sign up for vista print type deals, who offer you a generic design. YOU must build your own identity! YOU are UNIQUE. Enlist the support of a local designer to put together a composite plan and design a package which provides you with this new identity across all media platforms from Business cards, to websites, to leaflets etc. I am very fortunate to be based at The FYCreatives centre, which is bursting with the type of people that can help you. One such designer is Amanda Marshall of Intrepidfish, FYCreative Centre, Church Street, Blackpool. highly trained, great people skills, wants to help new starts and recognises money is tight. she has helped several of our new starts and always makes time for them. Never be afraid to buy expertise if it can be useful and supplement your offering. Take a look at her website at http://www.intrepidfish.com
Hope this helps you, Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Church Street, Blackool, 01253477147


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