Cold Calling, How to find those new prospects-FREE

Cold calling business to business. SCARY! I know you are a tradesman, a designer, a cleaner or whatever, and what you are not is that high powered flashy salesman in the Armani suit.
I have news for you, receptionists cannot stand fancy pants! Am I right? I spent 40 years in Sales, and I was General Manager for one of the worlds largest companies, running at times huge cold calling sales forces. When I started was it scary? You bet it was, no-one likes rejection. But if you remember who you are and that you need business and that scary receptionist is a human being, doing a job which trains her on how to deal with pests and salesmen, life becomes easier.
Target a trading estate, high street or an area. Get your business cards ready. Have a note pad. Look smart, you may get lucky and the boss might see you! Off you go, walk through the door, and up to the desk. Petrified she is going to be a witch. STOP right their, clear your mind, she is going to be Cheryl Cole and it’s your lucky day. Eyes open, what can you see as you walk up to the site? Anything you can praise about the company from reception? “this looks a great pace to work” she already likes you because you have said how lucky she is to work in a great place! Even if she hates it she is pleased you like it!
Humble works. “hi, my name is Geoff, just started out, here is my card, just trying to acquaint myself with local businesses. Have you a couple of minutes to spare?” if she says no, get a compliment slip and at least get contact name and how many people work there and what they do! Get it and get out, on to the next one. BUT and here is the thing, she may just shock you, with your nice friendly manner and cute smile, and say how can I help you? Real world this often happens to the nice guys/girls. You want a name, a good time to call, is he/she perhaps available now, if not even when available usually, what do they do there? How many staff? What facilities etc.
You now have gold dust. Compile your list. Get researching the targets online, websites,twitter,Facebook etc. Now you can make contact by phone,letter,email,twitter,Facebook or whichever you feel most comfortable with.
Only thing for certain is sitting at home is for losers.
Hope this helps? Ring me at 01253 477147 fycreatives, 154 Church Street, Blackpool; get started with the Blackpool start up scheme run by Orvia Group by ringing 01772422242 and book a place on one of the courses
Kind thoughts as always, Geoff


One thought on “Cold Calling, How to find those new prospects-FREE

  1. Great post Geoff, certainly taps into most people’s fear of selling & cold calling.

    Back in the day when I first met you I would not have said boo to the proverbial goose, but since completing your course and learning some great tips from you I have learnt a lot. So much so I am now able to give my own SEO presentations to rooms full of people and all my nerves have gone.
    Cold calling is still that nightmare scenario of “rejection” – but like you say they are people too and I can guarantee being nice is the only way to be – not the snake oil salesman, all suited and booted as that never works.
    Treating the initial meeting with the receptionist as a simple, nice 2 way chat often works and at the end of the day they are not rejecting you per sa – more the perceived idea of “oh no what are they trying to sell me now!”. So I guess not selling at them straight away works much better.
    Off to check your You Tube video out now(, hope it is as good as the Twitter one you did.

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