Free Business Advice

Just starting out in Business? Excited? Apprehensive? Enthusiastic? Join the club, we all were once, and some of us are still smiling every day we go to work.
Money is the oxygen that keeps ideas and businesses alive. Starved of oxygen we cease to exist. So doesn’t it make sense to get some simple advice before you jump in the deep end? What if we gave it you FREE, no strings attached! YES, you are reading this right, FREE no strings attached!
This is one of those rare occasions when what you see is what you get.
Get Started has been in existence for 5 years in Blackpool, administered by the Orvia Group in conjunction with Blackpool Council. Based at The FYCreative Centre, 154 Church Street, Blackpool, we offer free advice and courses on business planning, cash flow and all other business related matters. We also, additionally, offer a 3 day Road to Business course for a small fee, also held at the FYC. My Name is Geoff and I have over 40 years experience in Business including 28 years with Coca Cola Companies. Even if you just want to check you have missed nothing, pop in or call us on 01253 477147 or book appointment via Orvia on 01772422242


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