Getting your message out

When money is limited every penny counts. One thing is for sure we do get people saying “sorry that campaign did not work, here let me give you your money back” if only!
Before you commence spending your hard earned monies, please consider who you are trying to target, and more importantly where will they be looking to find what they want. I guess a simple start to this question is where do you look for things? So often we place advertisements in papers and magazines because someone, usually that pretty space salesman at your local newspaper, convinces us that they have a huge readership. We seldom ask who do I know that reads the paper? Our local paper will tell you that it has a huge following, and it may well have, however, every course that I teach business to, when asked do you read “the local paper” , pretty much every person says NO! So why do you advertise In it?
Think about who you are trying to reach and what will they be reading, listening to, visiting etc. is your target market young or mature? Are they of an age where Social Media is the best way to target them? If you are placing leaflets, are you sure the occupier is the owner? Is the person that picks this up(you hope they do) likely to be the person you want to read it. I.e. You are targeting teenagers, but will they ever see the leaflet?
Do you dedicate time to researching your market, every day?
Do you keep up to date with trends?
Have you something with saying?
Is your product or service innovative, or just GOOD?
Do you go the extra mile for your client? Would they give you a testimonial for you to blog, Tweet about?
Do you ask for the referral every time you do a job?
Hopefully, this will stimulate you to get your backside of the couch!
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If you want any 121 help give us a call at the FYC on 01253 477147, or via Orvia group on 01772422242
Many thanks for reading, Geoff


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