How to obtain business through your Web Presence?

More and more people and Businesses are turning to Social Media as a way to connect with their community, both figuratively as well as brand awarenes wise. It is not enough to simply throw a message out and expect the world to come flooding in. Imagine you rent a shop at vast cost and spend thousands on stock and making it look “the business” (at least 1 very well known celebrity did this in London and it was made into a mini docusoap, warts and all, and if you watched it you will know the end results were not bathed in happiness!) only to find that no-one knew you existed, and even worse you did not connect with what the public wanted or even needed!

In essence people do this every day in Business, they put the cart before the horse. If one more person tells me they have obtained a free website and their friend is doing it for them, I will scream and scream until my cheeks hurt.

This half hearted approach equates to the same results as the shop I have previously mentioned. YOU DO NOT EXIST!

Most people do not have the time or the expertise to develop all the new techniques to get this “message” out there. In a previous blog I explained how to research your product or idea/service. I assume you have done that?

The consumer world uses Android or Iphone technology these days and everyone is impatient. Google places, around me, Skobbler, places and many many more provide details on where to eat, where to get fuel, where to buy that little black dress etc. and most even give you a map and direct you to them!

Imagine if you knew how to harness this? Add to this your social media , twitter, facebook , youtube etc. and you are on fire so to speak. You are making life easy for people to do business with you. You can write a blog, bit like me! You can add photos and links to articles, trade shows, new fashion shows and much more all using his medium and adding a link to your website where th hard data is held. TRAFFIC needs to flow into your site and FLOW out.

If you would like to know more join me on Twitter @scubageoff or ring me on 01253 477147.

Once again I hope this helps?


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