Geoff’s Blog Why Google Matters to you

Late last night one of my followers tweeted me to ask if I could write something to help him with presence using Google.
Everyone knows that Google is the search engine of choice, and all also know that they own YouTube and competing with Facebook and Twitter for Global dominance. Fair play that has nothing to do with this.
Firstly it is very easy to sign up to Google places for Business.
Step 1 google “google for business”
Step 2 provide e mail and password etc.
Step 3 populate all the required fields.
Important at this point to suggest you also go to “google Adwords keyword tools”, this will help with suggestions of words people input when searching for someone or something!!!
Important bits.
You can input a daily reminder, something coming up, something you want people to know in the section headed “share an update on your place page” this is a must!
“your business info” as it suggests this is where you tell people all about you and your business. This is your chance to tell people what you do, where you are and more importantly what you sell. You can even put a picture!
This gets you on google maps!
Google plus is linked to your places and I this you can provide everything similar to Facebook. Friends, family,following, business contacts, chat,photos,circles etc.
Given this is used for all search engines and also android/ IPhones etc. you would be crackers not to do this.
Hope this very simple blog helps?
As always contact me at FYCreatives, 01253 477147 or via Orvia on 01772422242


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