#Business Geoff’s Blog Google places for Business part 2

Thank you for reading part 1 of my idiots guide to getting your Business known, and hopefully generate business.
Yesterday we did the very basics. Today we are going to do some research. Open up Google. Have you done that? Ok. Take a look at who is on page 1. Forget the millionaires, they pay for getting message out! Look at what is contained in the notes of the listings. What do you see?
Yes, you see little gems like:-
Photos, Google puts them on the listing you are looking at doesn’t it. So task 1 get your iPhone out and take some pictures. You can put 10 on your google places listing! Google likes you already.
Videos, Google puts them on as well, and again you upload these from file on computer or from YouTube. Wow Google is salivating now!
Reviews, yes reviews. Trip adviser type stuff! Google adores them, gets you way up the listing. Get them on the pages.
“like” buttons, Google is so vain it likes to have liked people playing with it.
These are just a few tips.
Google Adwords page gives you tips on which words people use to search, so that’s a good place to go!
Wow we are on fire now.
So I hope this helped? More tomorrow.
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