#Business What do we look for in a local newspaper?

Today we are going to look at local media in a completely different way. Each time I run my Road To Business courses, I ask the question “hands up if you get the daily local newspaper?” What do you think the response is? You got it, virtually no-one. First reaction is then why should we advertise in them? I think by now you realise my view is that Social Networking is the way forward, and that having a well structured, active website is the answer to marketing. However, and here is the thing, it cannot stop there. You must use every trick in the book to gain information, so let us take a look at the Local Newspaper again, not to advertise in, but to gain nuggets of gold.

How? I hear you scream.

Pictures that show people and places are usually named. These can be used to update your data base. Better to write/ring Geoff Reeves than “The Manager”

Advertisements for new openings, shops,clubs etc. If they are this new, think of what they might need from you? Beginning journey is always a good time to contact Businesses

Planning Applications. All have to be advertised. This is your chance to bang in a tender!

Forthcoming events and attractions. You are being given advance notifcation! Find out who is organising, where are they based, who will be attending? Can you attend and put up a stall, etc?

Success stories. If they can do it so can you! I recommend that you get your story written, emulate them, send it to the editor. More in future Blog about PR.

Adverts, see what others are doing? How they are written, and ask would it make me buy from them?

All these things give you a way to contact people who are CURRENT. It also gives you facts, and for FREE.

Don’t pay to advertise, utilise what they say in the paper. You can always go to library and read theirs!

I hope this helps you?

As always you can reach me on 01253 477147 @fycreatives, or @orviagroup on 01772422242, or twitter @scubageoff or my facebook geoff reeves or at Linkedin…..see what i just did?




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