#Marketing spend?

Thank you for visiting my daily blog again.
Today we are going to look at why you should allocate time and some money towards the growth of your Business. I am asked daily if I can help struggling new Businesses, and I do my best for everyone that asks. The sad truth is that whilst it is true we are in a downturn in the economy, there is still money to be made!
So what should you be doing? Firstly, admit that you are NOT trying hard enough to find NEW prospects to turn into orders. Come on, be brave, admit you do not allocate time during every day to the task of generating NEW business. We both know this is true, you are just in denial.
Your daily task is to spend some quiet time thinking about your future business needs, and in particular, looking at new trends, competitor activity, what’s happening, putting leaflets around where you are working, keeping marketing literature up to date and getting off your backside.
Hard language, eh? Business takes dedication, and more importantly needs your time and energy.
It is no point working like crazy, if at the end of the job you have an empty pipeline; which is why you need to be looking for new prospects daily!
It is your role to grow your business. Allocate an allowance towards marketing, as much as you can afford, and in the early days, I do mean as much as you can afford. Businesses gather momentum once you obtain orders, as you can obtain word of mouth follow ups. It’s getting the first orders that cost.
Today is to wet your appetite and make you think. We will look at how we do this tomorrow. Enjoy your day, I will. I always do, I am a lucky man. Today I have 20 new businesses to teach on Barclays “Let’s Talk Business @FYCreatives on behalf of the Orvia group
As always you can reach me on 01253477147, FYCreatives, 154 Church Street,Blackpool, or Orvia Group on 01772422242
Kind thoughts, Geoff Reeves


3 thoughts on “#Marketing spend?

  1. Straight forward, concise and useful business information. Opens your eyes as to the reality of the situation in order to develop the ideal situation for your business.

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