#Get Started UK”How to get referrals”

Do you realise sometimes prospects are under your nose and you do not take the opportunity? Let us consider recent blog. You have just done some excellent work for somebody, or taken an order for which they are pleased? You thank them and off they go. If only we had a rewind button. What should you have done? In Sales speak “You are Hot when you have had a win!” Confidence is high, unless you act now, temperature falls by the minute, let alone day.
Here goes. (you do not use these actual words this is a demonstration!)
“thank you for the order I am delighted you bought this item/ given me the order/chance to provide the service” This is the least that you do. Thanking someone is a basic act of decency, and makes the recipient feel appreciated. The temperature Is staying hot, and now comes the technique you need to follow. Have your referral pad ready. “It’s tough out their and I am pleased you like my work(etc.), do you mind if I ask if you know anyone else who might be interested in my service/ products?” Smile, relax and give them chance to speak, do not pressurise. You will be amazed how many people provide a prospect for you to contact. Remember they are pleased with you, and they feel their friend/colleague/family member would look on them favourably as a result of a call from you. You made them happy!
I spent 28 years with Coca-Cola and ran some of the biggest cold calling sales forces in the UK. My sales forces were hugely successful. An empty prospect list was unacceptable.
Once you get used to this technique, and confidence rises, you follow up the above question by saying”when is the best time to catch them in? Would you ring them for me?” Hand them your phone! What is the worst they can say? You still have the name and number, but you may get them to ring for you. Trust me you will get this!
I hope this was useful, tomorrow I will build on this area.
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I hope this helped? Basic to some of you, scary to others


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