#Get Started UK you Chose it! Enjoy it!

Hi. Bit shorter blog today, as I am in Exeter waiting to see Molly Telulah, my first grandchild.
This made me think about today’s theme, which is enjoying what you do.
Take a second to think. Do you like to deal with miserable, self obsessed people? Ok we agree on that then!
Those of you that know me, I hope, will say “Geoff is a happy guy”? No-one makes me do what I do, I choose to do it. I see each day as special, and try and give all my clients(I see them as friends)every ounce of my knowledge and patience that I can. They have chosen to give their precious time up to see me, attend one of my seminars. THAT matters.
YOU must have a similar view on life and work. Customers want a good experience not just a quick fix, cheap product. My Daughter has her own Beautician Salon, but despite being highly skilled and owning the Business, she goes the extra yard. Fresh flowers every day, Beautiful Oils and aromas. Strict hygiene, and a calming ambience. She sees it as a centre of calm and perfection. Guess what, people come back! She takes for granted you have to be good at your job, that is a minimum.
I choose to work, and I chose Orvia Group. I get paid to do my job, how cool is that. I work for a boss that actually shares my vision that we are lucky people and the fact people chose to come to us is very humbling. Those that know me will see this as true.
So today, smile, it is a beautiful day. Your journey into Business is a Beautiful one. You will have bad days, heh we all do! Bad days are your opportunity to say no way am I letting this beat me, now let’s get out their! The best advice I was ever given was. No risk, no business! You will never be rich if you sail a safe course. Make today your happy day. Do your research, put those leaflets out. Attend my seminars. Ring Linda on 01772 422242. If you have been before come again!
Enjoy the journey, you chose it!
Off to see Molly Telulah how good is that?

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