#Get Started UK Klout

How influential are you? Not interested? Think about this before you switch off. Is it better to seen as an expert and therefore the person to deal with, or just another person in business? Do you want people to refer you as a result of some excellent work that you have done, or a service provided? When people are asked “do you know where I can find…….?”. Do you expect your name to be top of the list?
It is vital that you make every job you do, however small, your best work. People will not differentiate big from small jobs, they will just remember whether it was a good job.
Do you ask for testimonials? Do you take photos of the job(appreciate not always appropriate). Do you carry a folder of these? Remember to ask their permission before you use!
We are not good at banging a drum. We are British after all! We are brought up to be humble. Wake up, you need to promote yourself every day.
Are your leaflets up to date, and do they show your current work? Remember from previous blog, you need to put leaflets where you are working every day. Preferably around where you are parked and prospect can see your vehicle, where you are working. Do them yourself!
Do you ensure that you always have Business cards with you? Do you see every new person that you meet as an opportunity?
Are you using all available social media?
Keeping in contact is a 2 way thing, the more you put in the more you will get back. I link all my Social Media. Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn,YouTube, etc. Take a look at your Klout score. Are you an influencer?
Always leave a positive view of you.
Be Happy. You chose this.
As always ring me on 01253477147 FYCreatives, Blackpool. Or Orvia Group on 01772422242
Geoff Reeves

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