#Get Started UK “Good to be Liked”

Now there is a title.

I am asked regularly how do you get up the page on Google? Why does no-one seem to find my site, I have spent a lot of time and money on it’s development, yet it does not seem to be working for me?

Surprise surprise it is not necessarily your site that is wrong, more likely you have not thought about all the tricks that you need to employ to improve it’s visibility. Let us explore some things you can do straight away to improve it’s visibility.

Have you checked to see that you are using the right words and phrases in your meta tags? Does your title page have a description that people will type into Google to find what you are about? Go to Google Adwords, Keyword tool; this gives you help to what words carry the most weight. Google Analytics will show you which keywords people have actually used to find you. Bingo you have made a giant leap forward and taken you 5 minutes.

Does your site have link buttons on it? To improve traffic simply adding a twitter link, a facebook link, a linkedin link, a wordpress link etc. will improve visibility. The more clicks, the more Google puts you up the page. Bingo you have made another giant leap forward.

Does your site have “like” buttons? Google adores people that are “Liked”. Bingo an even bigger leap forward and another 5 minutes of your time.

Does your site have a “comments” button? This tells Google that you are interactive and it likes you more. Bingo more good news.

Have you put some YouTube videos on? If you cannot do this yourself, put a link to one of your suppliers, or something that is allied to what your site is about. Bingo, because Google owns YouTube, it thinks you are a star, and yes onwards and upwards you go.

Just a few tricks. More tomorrow!

Hope this has been useful?

as always ring me at The FYCreatives Centre, Blackpool on 01253 477147 or at Orvia on 01772422242 or 01253 406271

Geoff Reeves


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