#Blogging “1month completed of Geoff’s Blog”

Today marks the conclusion of my first month’s blog. Let us analyse what this has achieved.
I set this up as a tool to demonstrate the effectiveness of a hub mentality, placing a website as your base for uploading and downloading traffic, to build a sustainable network of followers.
In my case this is slightly different, as I do not personally have a website at this stage. Watch this space though!
I have placed the FYCreatives Centre as my hub, and Orvia as my website substitute. Each blog has provided a contact number for both of these, and the FYCreative centre address where I am based.
So what has it achieved? Actually a lot has been achieved. It has been controversial, and one of my personal views on media advertising was challenged, which I welcome. I would like to make it clear that I fully support our local newspaper, and believe it fulfils a super role in supporting our local community, and it’s stance on VAT reduction for tourism is to be applauded.
In this bog’s first month the topics have nearly reached 1,000 views by individuals, and one day 102 people read my blog. It has to be remembered this does not have the benefit of my own website, which should be the focal driver of the Blog. The average is 35 views a day! Imagine if this was your blog, how would you like this quantity of “Prospects” daily, and free of charge!
Leaflets generate approximately 2% to 5% results. 20 per 1,000 if you target the delivery of them! They cost money.
I am not a literary person, and simply pass on knowledge, live, unstructured and immediate.
My Twitter followers have grown from 1,200 followers to 1,725 in the 4 weeks. The traffic generated has taken me completely by surprise, and the amount of followers that have sent me generous comments, and importantly retweeted the blog on Twitter has humbled me. It shows that my philosophy that giving is preferable to receiving, is widely held by the circle that I have attracted. I thank you!
I now have 62 people in my LinkedIn group, in 2 weeks.
I have written and deliver a course in Blackpool, called Road To Business, held at FYCreatives, and run on behalf of Blackpool Council to help our local community Get Started into Business. Orvia are contracted to deliver this support.
Social media is now a key component of this course, as the value of Social media is increased.
My personal presence on Google has risen beyond belief, frequently appearing on page 1 of Google. My assertion that ticking the like button, leaving a comment, and providing a recommendation works. Google “likes” the job that I have done in March!
Has it been time consuming? Yes it has. Have I had to discipline myself to completing this task daily? Yes it has. Has it been valuable to recipients? Yes it has. The comments have been overwhelming!
If you have “liked” my blogs, this is your chance to take the time to sign up to WordPress and do 2 things for me as a personal experiment conclusion. 1. Like button needs hitting! 2. Leave a comment!
Tomorrow I will start phase 2 so do not despair this is not goodbye.
Well done Mary Portas, love your drive and single minded focus!
As always, you can reach me at FYCreatives, 154 Church Street, Blackpool. 01253477147, or at Orvia on 01772422242
Thank you for March 2012, Geoff Reeves


2 thoughts on “#Blogging “1month completed of Geoff’s Blog”

  1. I don’t have a WordPress.com account as my wordpress blog is hosted on WordPress.org, however I would like to say that I enjoyed this post. I think it is especially helpful that you wrote exactly how many Twitter followers and visitors it brought to your blog. This will surely inspire business people to get writing!

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