#Business Fuel, Start Up Business, Am I wasteful?

You may recall I covered the subject of costs in a previous Blog?
The current topic of the day is fuel, and even though there is no immediate danger of a strike, it is still a major cost for industry, and a major contributor to inflation. It has a direct influence on all goods we purchase. Keep up! This is not a new phenomena. You can cut your costs by following well known and simple advice.
1. Do not make unnecessary journeys.
2. Journey planning saves miles and therefore fuel. If you have to make a number of calls in a day, route planning is vital; simply taking a few moments to look at a map can save you £’s. if you think before you commit, and in these days of fuel price inflation explain why you need to call at a time that meets your needs. Eco friendly customer advice pays!
3. Take your foot off the accelerator pedal! It is a fact that simply driving smoother, reducing stopping and starting, not going everywhere as if the world is about to end, saves you minutes, but costs you £’s. What do you do with those minutes? Is your life better or worse? Those minutes cost you stress and can even lose you your driving license and then your livelihood, potentially.
4. Do you need to have that team meeting? The Finance Director at Cadbury Schweppes once challenged me to give him a reason, that could prove to him categorically, that by having a meeting would benefit the Company financially. Think about this in your context. We have phones that can make conference calls. We can Skype. We have e mail and Messaging. People understand that this is costly and time consuming. Could the time be used better? If your journey alone is say 2 hours, and you have a 2 hour meeting, that is a wasted day that you could have been doing productive £ making activity.
5. Walking is not only £ efficient, it is good for your health. I walk as often as I can. I own a nice car, sure, but if the job/activity does not require it, the car stays at home. People make more journeys less than a mile than any other type of journey. Walk the Children to School, you might get time to talk to them! Keeps you fit and also them.
6. Weight equates to fuel. Ever wondered by racing drivers are small? It is not rocket science. Cut weight and fuel usage drops. So, do not keep your fuel tank full. Fuel is liquid which is heavy. If you only do local journeys buy what you need only.
There are many more of these tips, these are just some that I hopefully makes you think?
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Geoff Reeves


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