Posted in March 2012

#Get Started UK”How to get referrals”

Do you realise sometimes prospects are under your nose and you do not take the opportunity? Let us consider recent blog. You have just done some excellent work for somebody, or taken an order for which they are pleased? You thank them and off they go. If only we had a rewind button. What should … Continue reading

#Marketing spend?

Thank you for visiting my daily blog again. Today we are going to look at why you should allocate time and some money towards the growth of your Business. I am asked daily if I can help struggling new Businesses, and I do my best for everyone that asks. The sad truth is that whilst … Continue reading

#Geoff’s_Blog Why Blog?

Thank you for visiting again. So why Blog? Well for a start, the fact you are reading this should tell you something. I am Blackpool’s Business Adviser and teach new Businesses on a wide range of subjects, including the value of Social Networking. We discussed in the last 2 Blogs, how to harness the power … Continue reading

Geoff’s Blog Why Google Matters to you

Late last night one of my followers tweeted me to ask if I could write something to help him with presence using Google. Everyone knows that Google is the search engine of choice, and all also know that they own YouTube and competing with Facebook and Twitter for Global dominance. Fair play that has nothing … Continue reading


Just when you thought honesty was a thing of the past, along comes somebody that reinstalls your faith in mankind. Tonight was out with friends and got home to find. Had misplaced my iPhone. Daughter is in hospital and this sent me into a panic. Up and down the road, searched everywhere, no phone. Loaded … Continue reading

Getting your message out

When money is limited every penny counts. One thing is for sure we do get people saying “sorry that campaign did not work, here let me give you your money back” if only! Before you commence spending your hard earned monies, please consider who you are trying to target, and more importantly where will they … Continue reading