Posted in April 2012

#Business “Always ask for that referral!”

Another super day at the “Office”! Week 3 Road to Business course at FYCreatives on Church Street, Blackpool. 10 delegates have stayed the distance, and the feedback sheets suggest everyone enjoyed the course and learned a great deal. A key element of week 3 is to recognise the importance of “Free” methods to gain new … Continue reading

#business “Marathon not a sprint”

Fantastic London Marathon today! This got me thinking about new businesses, and the need for patience. In a Marathon you have to pace yourself, right from the start, and this is tough as you are surrounded by people. They are going fast, slow, getting in your way, slowing you down, and spurring you on. Very … Continue reading

#business Leadership

Tonight I have received a request to endorse someone on LinkedIn. Nothing unusual, however, it got me thinking how much certain people can influence your career, and indeed how you can influence someone’s career. I am very lucky in a 28 year career with Coca Cola Schweppes Beverages ltd, and then Coca Cola Enterprises I … Continue reading

#Blackpool # “Mabel asks why?”

Mabel asks what Fracking Hell is going on? Not long ago we were all shook in the middle of the day by earth tremors. In Blackpool, not in Earthquake zones elsewhere across the world. The cause? American Fracking Company in Preesall area! So what does the Government do? You guest it, carry on, ignore the … Continue reading

#Business “Do you go the extra mile?”

This morning 2 of my appointments have not turned up, and it prompted me to consider the problem this presents me and how such a circumstance could affect you. In my case it prevents me seeing people that genuinely need my help, and is a waste of my appointing time. This is particularly unfortunate as … Continue reading

#Business “The Importance of words”

Over the past few weeks I have written to you about the importance of Social Networking and also Google Adwords. I had an interesting conversation with one of my contacts at the FYCreative Centre this week, on the subject of “how moving something to a more prominent place on the front page of your website … Continue reading