#Business “Are we in danger of losing Enterprise Agencies?”

Bureaucracy! The death of sanity! It is our Government’s view that we must move from public to private sector to get the UK out of recession. Then why is red tape closing the very agencies set up to make this happen?
Many of the North West Enterprise agencies are facing extinction, through lack of funding, not through lack of demand or failure to deliver. The coverage is shrinking daily, with both employees and potential clients at risk. Why is this happening? I have helped 100 small businesses start this year, which for 1 man, in a small office is a big achievement. Blackpool is a great place to live, but sadly also contains some of the UK’s most deprived areas. I have provided hope for many people on benefits, made redundant, single parent families and more besides. We are not blessed with large manufacturing infrastructures, we are a tourist town, the best to be sure, but this is not all we are.
Blackpool Council are industry leaders in the enterprise field, we are genuinely blessed with people that can see the benefit of Enterprise and Entrepeneurs. Sadly, they are the minority in the North West. They put their money, where their mouth is. I am based at FYCreatives on Church Street, Blackpool, a fantastic facility for Creatives. There are some magical new businesses in here, and without low rents, they would never have started. It has a community feel, which makes people feel part of something bigger, more important, more real. You do not feel alone.
I have tried to do my bit, and assist to make it a place for business. I run all my business courses in the gallery, hold all my surgeries in the building, and promote whenever I can. We are nearly full again! At last count we have 2 rooms available I believe, at a time when other buildings are struggling to find tenants.
Hard work can only do so much. We need Government to look at Council’s like Blackpool, and see how it should be done.
I hope the people that I have helped will support me now. I need your help to maintain this facility. Leave a comment for me here. Please retweet. Do you want to LOSE ME?
As always, FYCreatives, Blackpool, 01253477147
Geoff Reeves

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