#Business UK Fuel Dispute

What is it about Britain that makes certain sectors of our community feel they have the right to hold the country to ransom?

I listened to 5 live last night with The Steven Nolan Show, and wanted to throw my radio out of the window!  I have no idea if the union has a case, no doubt it does in their eyes, but just like the rest of the world we are in a mess economically. Moan about whose fault it is all we like, the facts are we are in the mess.

I do not know anyone, lucky enough to have a job, that has a long term contract anymore, and lets face it when we go self employed, all you have is a blank piece of paper.  We have to search for business in difficult times, with no wages or benefits if we do not find work.

Like I say, I have no knowledge of right and wrong with the Unions case, but just like the economy it misses the point, this is the wrong time to threaten strike action.  It baffles me that sensible people do not understand that if we are not taxed 1 way, we must be taxed another to make the country work.  If we do not pay fuel duty, we will pay on something else.  Better to pay for what we buy than be taxed on income, at least that way we have a choice.. Yes I know fuel has a massive impact on everything we buy and is inflationary!

This made me think of self employed people in general, and in particular that this must be the time to batten down the hatches.  Cut costs you can(assuming you have not already). Look at personal expenditure. have you switched energy, phones, sky subscriptions, memberships etc.etc. every penny you cut at home can be invested in your business.  Might be difference between “Life and death” of your business. I wrote about journey planning and taking foot off the pedal. Never a better time to cut the mileage!

Let us hope the “strike” does not happen, but be prepared. NO UNNECESSARY journeys!

Thank you for reading.


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