#mystery continued

Couriousr and Couriouser what can it mean? Do you ever wonder why we do the ordinary? What turned us into clones of Alice? What does the White Rabbit have that we want? What makes us conventional? Why do we do what we know we shouldn’t? What a conundrum.
Why do you think this song is about you or me in actual fact?
Can you get rich by not taking risks? No risk no gains!

Keep thinking, the answer will soon be in the open, more later please comment and retweet


One thought on “#mystery continued

  1. The mystery of the keyhole image on Twitter finally revealed…

    Not being a member of Mensa (just missing out of course), I must admit to not making the connection. I am however intrigued as to the follow up posts regarding sales and not doing the ordinary…

    Have to agree with you that people do cut their prices far too quickly and far too easily these days. Possibly due to the worst recession known to man? Possibly not having faith in one’s own product or service? Or do it just to see the till ring up a sale?

    Whatever the reason behind sales I know for a fact every business at some point has panicked and slashed prices on stock or reduced their service costs to win that elusive client.

    We did it when we first set out, then realised very quickly that people do not value your service / experience and of course always ask for more, more, more and customers do like to squeeze everything they can out of you.

    Service providers should not really lower their costs if they have worked out the best price in the first place. As this will obviously undervalue your experience, research, knowledge or skill set. However that panic mode kicks in when the client says it is too expensive (as they are obviously looking for a deal), and you rush to cut the deal to seal the signature on that contract.

    If you are good at what you do and have worked out the best price then you should not cut your prices. Thank them for their time and move on, there will be another door open to you somewhere down the line.

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