#Mystery continues

Why did Alice drink the potion? Was she a silly little girl? What was the result of her strange affliction of being a curious child?
Did she simply think there would not be a consequence for her actions?
Have you ever done something you later wished you had thought better of? That 60’s dress in blue stripes with “A” line and a bow under the bust line, you know the one! And boys, those jeans that hang below your beer belly, that 28 inch waist kids wear and look cool in. You know you do!
How many high street outlets were well intentioned, poorly planned, badly executed and underfunded?
Who is to blame? Alice is a child! Children have no fear and are excused as they are adolescents. What is your excuse?
Do we get what we deserve?
Salesmen sell, buyers pay!
The mad hatters tea party descended into chaos because they had too many riches, and over indulged. Be careful what you wish for.
Salesmen sell, buyers pay!
Orders are easy to place, suppliers say thank you and send you a bill, often a season before you know what is required. It will always be a winner, Salesmen sell, Buyers pay!
Alice wanted to see what was through the keyhole, so she drank the potion. She forgot the key was on the table, and when she shrank, it had consequences.
Buyers pay, if they can!
If they cannot……….. look at the high street of today.
Are we getting closer to The Queen of Hearts Garden Party?
More tomorrow.


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