#Mystery at night

Alice knocked on the door and no-one answered, to her surprise the person on the other side stood next to her! Now how was she to get to the other side of the door?
Yet another conundrum, what do you do when confronted with problems outside of your control? More Businesses go under due to the inability to seek help. No-one likes to admit they need help, in life or indeed in their beloved Business? Social Network sites are an amazing way for professionals to offer advice and help. I am staggered by the amount of people giving so generously, their time and knowledge, and that includes most of you reading this.
Where do you go for more detailed help? Many organisations offer start up help, and some organisations provide Mentoring support, but I do not know any that you can rely on, individually, when you need them.
You can take out a policy to protect your home and vital services, and pretty much ensure it will be looked after. This type of security does not exist in Business. You start out on the journey alone, and apart from your family who can you turn to? At one time you had a bank manager that acted as your adviser; they are only interested in your money now, and their financial security of any loan or debt you have with them.
What support would you expect?
Your orders have dried up and your head drops, who is their to pick you up, and assist with a plan to find new work?
Your stock is not working for you, it is sitting on a shelf. How do you reorganise and make it fly off the shelf?
Your factory is sitting on a tired product range, your salesforce is not working for you, and cash flow is grim. Who will fix the problem?
A Volunteer Mentor will listen, but seldom has the skills or knowledge to promote the Business.
A diagnostic expert costs serious money, and is usually reserved for large organisations. Who helps you?
You invest in liability insurances, but seldom think of the insurance policy to survive in Business.
Alice asked “Should I eat from the right side or the left side? One will make me grow but the other will make me shrink. Which one will get me through the door into the magical garden”
Now their is a conundrum.
More tomorrow, keep following, and please retweet.
You mean everything to me!
As always, Geoff Reeves



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