#Mystery latest edition

In another moment down went Alice after the White Rabbit, never once considering how in the world she was going to get out again.
What is the message?
How often have you continued going down the Hole?
When do you say “should I reappraise my strategy?”
Where do you go for help? Who do you trust? What would you say if help was coming?
What has replaced NWDA and Business Link?
Would you like the knowledge and training to become more successful?
Would you like to talk to someone that tells it like it is?
Would a way out of the hole sound good?
What is the Mystery this Easter?
In life we get what we deserve, and often that is short changed? Why do new businesses think nothing about placing costly adverts with no guarantee of results, yet invest nothing in their development? Is it blindness or arrogance? As an employee you get regular training to develop, yet when you go it alone, you stand still!
How many people have embraced the 21st Century of Social Media? Who can you talk to? Most free Mentors are exactly that, well meaning, but usually as part of their own development. How do you find an expert that speaks basic English?
Have you worked it out yet? Are you in the Rabbit Hole, but think you are still sleeping?


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