#Mystery today

Is Competition good?
What did the Queen of Hearts think Alice was?
What do you think Competition is? At it’s simplest, it is anyone or anything that your Customer might need his money for.
Do you think there is a lot of money sloshing around in the Economy? Obviously the answer is no. With more pressure than ever on each of us to obtain value for money, or to keep the money in our pocket, we need a reason to spend.
Will we look for cheap in difficult times? Obvious answer is of course we will. Is that correct though? There is a huge difference between cheap and quality value for money. Quality is always a prime seller. Does quality have to be goods? Surprisingly Service often comes higher than price. A good experience in a well laid out shop, with good ambience, pleasant odour, clean environment and friendly staff, can not only bring people back repeatedly, but make them browse longer.
I asked my Daughter why her Beauty Salon is so popular and surprisingly she never once mentioned prices. At the top of the list was the experience, hers, but more importantly of the visit to he Salon.
Fresh flowers daily
Fragrant oils burning
Clean and fresh smelling Towels
Calming music
Strenuously Clean fixtures and fittings
Immaculately manicured appearance herself
A happy disposition, life is good, welcome to my world it screams
Products people need and want
Personal recognition and customer care first
Do you do this? Would you like this?
We often bring our problems with us. People come to you out of choice, do not abuse this, or do not expect them to return.
Have you found what you seek? It is coming, keep your eyes open today, more to follow.


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