Mystery on Saturday

When was the last time you looked at your Competitor?
Unlike some circumstances, ignore your Competitor at your peril. By knowing his SWOT’s you can gain vital pointers about your own progress. What is he good at? This could give you vital clues on what you might need to improve yourself. Not knowing is pretty stupid.
What is he not so good at?
By knowing this you can advertise the strengths that you have to highlight the difference.
What is out their that he can capitalise on. He may be bigger than you, have more financial clout. When it comes to tendering he may have the edge. You too can apply for tenders on “the chest” you can gain from what is out their same as him, if you open your eyes.
What threats affect him potentially not you? He may be subject to VAT, minimum wage increase, ni contributions, business rates going up etc. you may not be effected.
Come on think, organise yourself, get researching.
Hope this helps. Are you following my Marjorie blogs? Is this a Clue to my Mystery?

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