#Business, Continuous personal development is a must do!

A key element of any persons career or indeed business is the need to be growing as an individual.
Basics I hear you scream again! I am never ashamed to remind people of the need to invest some time for development.
For those unfamiliar with this, the message is simple, stand still and be walked over, not just passed over. Whilst you are busy fighting fires and getting bogged down with minutiae your competitors, internal and external might be making a move to add new skills or improve those they currently possess. Why does this matter? You are an expert, right? Wrong, expertise does not stand still. Can you remember when a mobile phone was attached to. Battery resembling a car battery and was connected by a chord? I can tell you it is about 25 years ago. A blink of the eye! 1 year ago people looked at an iPhone as unique, now there are innumerable equally good, and in some cases better phones on the market. Sony is shedding 14,000 jobs for the very reason I am blogging you today. It lost it’s way and became a has been, as opposed to a must have product. Hands up if you had a Walkman!
So what can you do to stay current?
For a start, you can read more. There are always journals and articles, both paper as well as ebook versions, you should read.
You should aim to attend seminars in your field, as well as Allied ones.
Training course are vital! How many of you have attended one of my courses? It is never too late to learn, and even repeat something that you completed a few years ago.
Networking groups enable you to meet and converse with fellow professionals. Surprise yourself, they may know something you do not, and can share experiences, good as well as bad.
Trade shows can introduce you to tomorrow’s world.
Simply walking in a town centre and opening your eyes and ears can work!
Education is not something that you should be afraid of, embrace it, enjoy it. Plan time to keep ahead of the game.
Invest in your CPD.
I hope this helps?
Contact me on 01253477147. At the FYCreatives Centre if you wish to discuss CPD, and if I can help in any way, I will.
Geoff Reeves


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