#Business “The Importance of words”

Over the past few weeks I have written to you about the importance of Social Networking and also Google Adwords.
I had an interesting conversation with one of my contacts at the FYCreative Centre this week, on the subject of “how moving something to a more prominent place on the front page of your website can make a huge difference to your traffic”.
If people struggle to understand how to navigate your site in a quick and simplistic fashion, it can often result in the prospect going elsewhere. Navigation is a fundamental requirement and your site must enable people to access relevant information forwards and backwards.
The front page should be clear and eye catching, and not cluttered. Good “buttons” and easy to click on “links” can be accessed if desired. Your front page should be an extension of you and your business. People must want to look further, just as when you meet someone he needs to say”I think we can do business”. Good graphics, and art work with minimal words make a greater impact. People must want to see more just as a Burlesque Artist reveals only so much and lets you imagine or want more.
If bookings are involved should it not be an easy process to enquire on availability?
If you want customers to find what you have to sell, surely this should be high profile part of your site?
If a product is not your own, but one you retail as a third party, find out if you can put a link to the parent site, and wherever possible include photos and videos. We have already established that Google likes this!
If you can “Blog” about what the benefits are of the products or service you offer then do so. Include on your site with a button.
Twitter and Facebook are fantastic ways to stay in touch with your consumer and potential consumers. It is also a 2 way thing. Twitter and Facebook from you to it, and it back to you.
I cannot stress enough that visually your site must say “Look at me”, “Ring me”
I hope this helps?
Call me anytime, Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, 154 Church Street, Blackoool on 01253 477147


2 thoughts on “#Business “The Importance of words”

  1. Couldn’t agree more – and on the subject of minimal words, the best way to achieve simple content that works is to plan.

    Ask yourself some basic questions: what do I need to say? Who am I saying it to? What do they want to hear (ie what need does your product/service address)? What action do I want them to take having read this?

    Then build short, simple sentences that fit your plan – and hit your target audience.

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