#business Leadership

Tonight I have received a request to endorse someone on LinkedIn. Nothing unusual, however, it got me thinking how much certain people can influence your career, and indeed how you can influence someone’s career.
I am very lucky in a 28 year career with Coca Cola Schweppes Beverages ltd, and then Coca Cola Enterprises I had many opportunities to assist people in their career. I ran 2 of their subsidiary Companies, Canvermoor and then Orange Crush Company, as well as many divisions for the company, and it was always rewarding to see people grow and progress under your leadership. I found people that wanted to work for you and enjoyed their work, obtained greater results than those that were badgered to obtain results. Quite simply my teams always won everything going, and we had fun whilst making money. Life was always fun. I got paid to enjoy my life, how cool was that!
Do you inspire others? Are you a “me me me” person, or do you see the benefit of obtaining results by allowing others to achieve their goals through your guidance and support?
Providing a framework where others can develop their skills, at the same time as achieving your company goals, provides a framework for the future. Stifling opportunity is a recipe for resignations and thereby constant recruitment. Motivated people make money!
It takes a big man to stand back and let others take the spotlight! Be generous with time, and always offer encouragement. Trust me it pays dividends.
I was once foolish enough to ask Sir John Sunderland for permission to do something. He calmly informed me that he paid me to make decisions. He went on to say, ” you will not always make good decisions, and I accept that, just make more good decisions than bad ones. No-one gets rich by not taking risks, I pay you to take risks”
The moral? In Business we must follow our heart at times, and trust our instincts. Fail to take a risk and you will never know whether it would have worked.
It gave me a long career with one of the worlds biggest Companies, and I got paid to have a ball!
Research your idea, do your homework then go for it, with energy and commitment. Life is not a rehearsal. One shot is all we get, enjoy life, make a bundle.
As always, Geoff Reeves, based at FYCreatives Centre, Blackpool, 01253 477147


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