#business “Marathon not a sprint”

Fantastic London Marathon today! This got me thinking about new businesses, and the need for patience. In a Marathon you have to pace yourself, right from the start, and this is tough as you are surrounded by people. They are going fast, slow, getting in your way, slowing you down, and spurring you on. Very confusing! If you are to reach the end and get the medal, you need a strategy? Training starts several months before a race such as a Marathon, and even then the distance can present many problems, with a finish not guaranteed.
So why the comparison?
Over the past weeks I have written about preparation, and it’s importance; today I want you to consider how important it I to continually research and revisit you initial plans. Many businesses collapse because they fail to analyse the progress of the business and fail to consider amending the plan when things do not progress as expected. Money runs our because you continued progressing an idea that was not working, and failed to look for an alternative. When in a hole don’t keep digging.
If you have written an action plan, and set business goals on a calendar/ matrix, you will be able to analyse progress each month. Better to act swiftly than wait until too late.
Consider a beauty salon. You build the salon to provide the treatments you believe the clientele will want, stock the beauty products that match the treatment types, print your price list, only to find you have got it wrong. What do you do? Sit in silence, hoping the phone will ring, or do you revisit the plan, and look again at your research. Did you do sufficient research? If you did sufficient, and your salon is in the right location and looks good, and your marketing was well executed, it should have worked, or at least started to work. This might suggest it is not the salon, but your offering?
Consider revisiting the research. Have you targeted the right people! The right houses, the right leaflets, the right publications, have you sorted the website key words, maximised SEO?
Keep revisiting your plan, and it’s execution. It may be as simple as wrong leaflet, wrong properties.
It’s easy to redo leaflets and re target properties once you have established the correct ones to target. Look again at your competitors, and ascertain what they are doing well, and not so well.
Look again at their products and price lists, you may have missed something.
Just like a marathon, business is a long distance event, and some parts are rough. Stick at it, when you hit the wall, push on.
I hope this helps?
As always, Geoff Reeves, c/o FYCreatives, Church Street, Blackpool, 01253477147

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