#Business “Always ask for that referral!”

Another super day at the “Office”! Week 3 Road to Business course at FYCreatives on Church Street, Blackpool.
10 delegates have stayed the distance, and the feedback sheets suggest everyone enjoyed the course and learned a great deal.
A key element of week 3 is to recognise the importance of “Free” methods to gain new Business. Heaven knows money is tight these days! I have covered this before, however, worth re-iterating.
One new Customer should ALWAYS lead to another! What do I mean? If you have done a good job, service or sold a product, and it is obvious that the client is satisfied, ask do they know someone who might want a similar product or service? After all they are happy? What is the worse they can say? In all my days with our young Salesmen, it was the one thing I drummed in to them. Ask for referrals. Where to go as well as people. Knowing a similar person or business to target is gold dust.
Costs you nothing! Surprise yourself, it works.
How many of you carry Business cards with you at all times? How frustrating is it when someone presents an opportunity, and they ask you for one, and you do not have any? Too late missed your chance!
How many of you ask for their details, and follow up by including on your lists, twitter, linked in etc.
On my course today 3 of the students exchanged details and have followed up tonight. All have targeted me in a variety of mediums. Well done! Melanie, from Crystal Courts has written an excellent blog, which I have “Liked” and “commented”. This matters as it enhances her “Klout” score and improves her social networking influencing.
Think every day “Am I prepared”. Never miss an opportunity.
Hope you “Like” and leave a “Comment”
Cornwall tomorrow, Granddaughter Molly Talulah beckons
Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Church Street, Blackpool, 01253477147



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