Business “the joy of Recommendation’s”

On my way to Cornwall for a much needed break, and I swore that I would not think about work once I left for my vacation.
I cannot ignore kindness though. When I arrived at my journey hotel, in Gloucester, they gave me free wifi as I am a priority club member, fatal mistake, I should have said no!
Thankfully, I saw that I had messages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This reinforced my assertion to you recently, that mobile technology is vital in business. You need to have access to your market all the time.
If people take the time to communicate with you, then the least you can do is read and if possible respond.
What never ceases to surprise me is people’s generosity. 15 people have written some of the nicest recommendations on Linkedin, about me,that I could ever have expected. Please take a look at my LinkedIn page. Now whilst this is about me, it could just as easily be you! Credibility is vital to your success. I am nearing the end of my career, so every day is to be treasured and I am desperate to pass on everything that I have learned. You are just beginning, build a reputation now! It matters! You will get referrals from recommendations.
Write something nice about someone that you know, or who has done some good work for you. Tick a Like box! A nano second to do, but improves someone’s google ranking! Be generous!
Signing off for a week. Maybe!
Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Church Street, Blackpool. 01253477147


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