Posted in April 2012

#Business “why you need to focus”

Finances are always tight when you commence trading, and often this is the very time you waste some of this precious resource. It is easy to be “Sold” to at this point as many so called experts will give you many and varied reasons as to why you should part with your hard earned money. … Continue reading

Marjorie goes to Blackpool

Marjorie’s Holiday. We are going on Holiday today. I have packed my bag, put on my best bow, and have been very well behaved. We are off to Blackpool Why is the shiny tram not working? Sand on the tracks? Who could have seen that coming? Best stick to the Donkey.

Mystery on Saturday

When was the last time you looked at your Competitor? Unlike some circumstances, ignore your Competitor at your peril. By knowing his SWOT’s you can gain vital pointers about your own progress. What is he good at? This could give you vital clues on what you might need to improve yourself. Not knowing is pretty … Continue reading

#Marjorie’s Diary

Marjorie’s Diary April 7th,2012 I live in the pretty cottage with the blue door? It’s in Cornwall. I am lucky, aren’t I? Mummy said it might rain today, and she has just cleaned her pretty cottage with the blue door. She said best not go out to play, or she will get cross. Shall I … Continue reading

#Chihuahua Marjorie “A Marjorie for all seasons x

I hope you like Marjorie Peanuts, she is special, and this the first in a series of photos, to go with stories to follow. If you “like”, say so, and leave a comment. She will be very upset if you do not. Remember she is a Princess! Picture courtesy of “The Pickle”