Posted in May 2012

#Business Start up help for young people

The Government have today launched a scheme to offer loans to 18 – 24 year olds, of up to £2,500.  This is good news outwardly, but I will wait and see the small print.  So many government initiatives are reworkings of existing schemes, and often replace monies already in existence but funded elsewhere.  £82m is … Continue reading

#Business “Risk and What to consider”

Do you take risks? Would you drive a vehicle without Insurance? Obviously not on two counts. Firstly because you would be driving illegally, and secondly because you know how expensive it would be to repair your vehicle, and someone else’s, if you caused the accident. Then there is the problem of paying for injuries sustained … Continue reading

#Business “Support New Talent”

Do we give young people a chance? One of my recent blogs concerned a lovely young musician, called Jemma, The Nameless Girl, and 1 comment got me thinking. What triggered tonight’s blog? Someone commented on my Facebook that they only liked the Rolling Stones, and Jemma’s music was not for them! Everyone is entitled to … Continue reading

#Business “Can you be too cautious?”

Do you take risks? Do you spend too much time theorising? Do you worry about the what if’s? Are you envious of the other man? Have you wished you were more compulsive? Do you always wait for a green light? Do you save for a rainy day? Do you turn off lights, and agonise over … Continue reading

#Business “Why use Social Media?”

Some of you will have attended my Road To Business courses, and will know that I am a huge supporter of Social Media, in particular when used to grow Businesses. I started getting to understand the value of Twitter, and once I had mastered how to find followers, how to use it to get the … Continue reading

#Business The Nameless Girl

Today will be shorter than usual, however, it is not coming from me, but someone I have never met! Intriguing. By pure chance I tweeted someone who just happens to be a musician, and today I received a promotional link to her Facebook site. I like her music so no problem. It should be required … Continue reading