#business “service matters”

I am on holiday, so a short Blog. I am sat in the Deli in Launcesten, Cornwall.
Why Blog today?
Very simple. Service is an often ignored aspect of Business. People are just to busy. This tiny Deli in Launcesten, has 2 super assistants serving fantastic food, at great prices. Nothing is too much trouble.
It is family friendly, has free WiFi, and is both friendly and welcoming.
Can you say that you operate in a similar way? Whether yo have a shop or otherwise, people remember how you treat them. Being friendly and welcoming works, try it!
Starting with a smile and nice welcome, followed by customer first approach does pay dividends.
That is it today, a simple message, more when I get a chance, no signal in Boscsatle.
Shelly and Nikki super Sales Assistants!
Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Church Street, Blackpool 01253 477147


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