#Business make the most of what you have got

This nice picture on the only sunny day this holiday has again made me think about making the most of what we have.
Beautiful Boscastle in Cornwall, perfect place for a break. But what if your Business 100% relies on tourism?
We stopped for a coffee and a snack, and the service was exceptional. We were made to feel at home in this delightful little cottage tea room overlooking the harbour. They were praying for more nice weather, fighting the other tea rooms for the 20 or so tourists. What made us choose this one? Immaculately painted pastel blue and whitewashed walls, quaint cottage. Tables clean and inviting. Staff immaculately decked out in pastel blue and white. It just said “pick me”.
The moral of today is sometimes you will not get a second chance to grab a tiny market. Set out your stall, make your business say “pick me”
Having. Great time in Cornwall with Daughter and Granddaughter Molly Talulah. Life is good!
As always, Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Blackpool 01253477147,


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