#Business “The Importance of Image

I am sure those of you that follow my Blog will be aware that I teach Business, as a subject, in my Road To Business Courses.
This week I was given a wake up call from one of my previous students, that contacted me via LinkedIn.
Linzi Cason is a well respected photographer in Blackpool with a wealth of experience, and she noticed the photograph that I have on my LinkedIn profile, and to say she was unimpressed would be putting it mildly. She pointed out that I taught her the importance of one’s image, and could I explain what possessed me to put such a dreadful photograph of myself on such a high profile site?
My excuse is simple, as well as stupid, vanity has never been something I could be accused of. If this is the only thing someone sees, it is obviously a potential deal breaker. What people see at the outset determines whether they read on or not, I should know I teach the darn thing!
Bless Linzi, she is coming to see me next Wednesday to photograph me and put right the wrong.
I am grateful on two levels, firstly for her generosity, but more importantly to remind me that occasionally someone else is needed to give you an impartial view on your site, package, offering or service.
This simple act of kindness has reminded me that includes me!
So, moral of the day. Take a good look at yourself today. Do not shirk this! This MUST be today’s objective. Am I thinking enough about my image? When was the last time that I spring cleaned my website? When was the last time that I re-energised my shop layout? Is my stationary looking tired?
I know some fantastic photographers, Linzi is a great start. I know some great graphic designers, pop in to the FYCreatives Centre, 154 Church Street and we can put you in touch with them.
I hope this helps? Be sure to seek my profile picture next week!
Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives,Church Street, Blackpool 01253 477147


2 thoughts on “#Business “The Importance of Image

  1. Could not agree more Geoff, especially about the image portrayed on websites and social media sites.
    As with the first bite of food being made with the eye, so is the impression of potential clients and customers with an image. A good image is worthwhile, however a great image is worth so much more.
    A great image goes way beyond making you feel good about yourself. In today’s fast paced social media driven society it is an absolute must. Of course it is also the best way for people coming to network with you, to see what you look like beforehand and save that awkward “ice breaker”.
    Linzi is indeed a great photographer (http://www.linzicasonphotography.co.uk/) and as such will be able to deliver the right image to match your professional, business like approach.

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