#Business “do we prepare our young people for Enterprise?”

Do you worry about our young people’s future? Does it make you wonder how they will obtain the right skills, to prepare them for the most difficult economic times some of us have seen since the 50’s?
I visited a major Lancashire College today and was heartened to meet genuine, forward thinking, plain speaking, key individuals at the establishment.
All to often we are surrounded by alleged leaders that read lots of pamphlets in the false expectation that more “knowledge”, written by similar intellectuals will make a jot of difference in these difficult times. I have news for them, you can consult the oracle at Delphi, and they will predict you will fail in industry, because you spend so much time wrapped up in your own self importance that you fail to understand that people like to deal with real, genuine people!
I have written before, that if it cannot be written on 1 sheet of paper, few people will read what you write! People make judgements in seconds these days. Just as image is important, what you write and say are equally important.
I will have either interested you sufficient to entice you to carry on reading, or you have already switched off! ALREADY!
Back to today’s theme.
The prospect of work for our young people is not good, you do not need me to tell you this.
We need to provide simple, stimulating, concise, thought provoking modules on Enterprise. Young people will find this provides them with the right framework to make decisions on their future career path.
They will have had 12-14 years of structured learning already. Now they need to be treated like adults and we need to motivate them to think of their future.
We need to give them choices. Do they find a job? What skills do they need to prepare for interviews? This is from a tradesmen, to a Blue Chip Company! Equally important.
Do they continue in part time/full time education? If yes, which courses will assist to make them “Employable”?
Finally, do we prepare them for self employment, running their own company! from research to cash flow and Business planning.
Most people leave education with a great deal of academia, but little life skills, so when interviews come, they struggle to impress. This is our fault, not theirs!
I want to help our young Entrepreneurs!
Hopefully, we can make a difference?
If you feel we can do more, please leave a genuine comment on my blog.
I hope this makes you think?
As always, Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Blackpool, 01253477147


2 thoughts on “#Business “do we prepare our young people for Enterprise?”

  1. Totally agree Geoff. Young people are taught to pass exams and not to think, problem solve or consider future self employed careers. If there’s any way you think we could collaborate to offer some entrepeneurship activities combining your business expertise and our young people expertise give me a shout.

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