#Business “Start Small- Grow gradually”

As a Business Adviser, the number one question that I am asked is “Where can I access finance”, quickly followed by “I have a poor credit rating”.
Now do not get me wrong it is no fun to be broke! Trust me I grew up on a very poor council estate, and know what it feels like to eat little and have no light, heat and power, not to mention how to hide from the rent man!!
Let us consider your options.
You have skills.
You are reasonably fit and healthy
You are tired of benefits
You did not choose to be out of work!
Do you really need a shop to start with? Can you sell your goods elsewhere? Car Boot? EBay? Etsy? Local Farmers Market?, Craft Fair? Rent space in someone else’s shop? Split the profit? Loyalty box? Direct to offices and factories? In the local paper within the yellow section(usually free to advertise). This could get you some stake money, or, now here is thing, be a better proposition than a shop! Overheads kill businesses! Now obviously one cap does not fit all, and I am not implying it does. All Businesses are different.
Can you borrow a van for the day? Pay a friend from days profit for use of his van! Could you use the barter system? Do a days work for your friend in exchange for use of the van? Do you need the van at all? Could you get the goods delivered direct and turn up with your tool bag? I am again not saying this will be possible in all cases! Can you hire power tools etc? HSS is in most towns!
Hair and Beauty
Sounds obvious, but do you need a Salon to start with? You can rent a Bed /Chair? 50/50 ? Work a day for nothing in return for rent free day? And so on. Here is the the thing, go mobile! At home, at people’s workplace?
Buy fewer items. Costs more, but it is the stake money you seek, little grows to a lot.
I hope this makes you think?
As always, Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Church Street, Blackpool, 01253477147


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