#Business The action plan calendar

One of the most important aspects to consider when starting a new business, is when to do what.
Let me explain. Let us as we are going to open a Beauty Salon. We have the qualifications, and enough money to set up. How do we decide where to operate from? Your most important decision, even more than cost of the rent! Is there any point opening a Salon purely because the rent is low? 10 x nothing will still be nothing! If you have no trading base or your clientele area is inappropriate, then potential is always going to let you down. First you must decide on an area, check out the demographics. Easy to do via local authority website, or neighbourhood.statistics.gov.uk. Not good enough though! Get out and check the area on foot. What type of housing around the area, tired or vibrant. Are there rail or bus stations close by? Will commuters walk past twice a day? Are there bus routes going along the road you have chosen? Is the area affluent? What kind of shops are nearby? Restaurants? Doctors surgeries, veto nary clinics? Colleges, etc. until you believe there is potential do nothing! Now you have selected the area, where is your competition? Visit them, and try them out. Gain knowledge, do a SWOT analysis on each of them.
Now look for premises. If none available be patient. Right location is worth waiting for.
Once you have one in your sites go for it!! Negotiate hard, but remember this is the one that you have researched.
It will take time to go through the various legal stages so now is the time to get busy with the rest of your action plan.
Licenses, change of use, suppliers, equipment, decor, signage etc.
They all take time to research. Be thorough, get the best “product” at the best price. The best “equipment” you can afford. Quality even second hand is preferable to cheap new!
Pay for quality leaflets, cards, websites etc. Opening is a one off! First impressions count.
Stick to your plan, do not back slide.
Now there is a lot more to consider, this is to make you think!
As always, Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Blackpool, 01253477147, here to help.


2 thoughts on “#Business The action plan calendar

  1. Great piece as usual. It is good to get your blogs because it prompts rethinking. Just catching up – a very busy last week saw limited time to Social Network….. but now using Siri on iPhone 4S so can now just talk to the phone/friends/facebook/twitter. Magic.

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