#Business The Nameless Girl

Today will be shorter than usual, however, it is not coming from me, but someone I have never met!
By pure chance I tweeted someone who just happens to be a musician, and today I received a promotional link to her Facebook site.
I like her music so no problem.
It should be required viewing for all my blog readers.
Firstly Jemma is a really nice person, and that comes across in her blog on Facebook.
Next it is full of useful information, related to her craft, music! That is clue 1!
She includes a request to “like” her. And we know from a previous blog I have written, being “liked” gets you up the google page!
She got my like and thousands more, job done.
Next she invites comments. Got my comment, she deserves it! Google loves comments!
Next she reminded her followers that her album can be purchased at Apple store. Guess what, yes I bought the album! It is really really good.
She did not beg for people to buy the album, but mentioned that they needed to raise cash to make another one, and tour.
I encourage everyone to take a look at the way she has done this campaign.
Every success to this lovely girl and the group.

Jemma’s Facebook page

Buy The CD


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