#Business “Can you be too cautious?”

Do you take risks?
Do you spend too much time theorising?
Do you worry about the what if’s?
Are you envious of the other man?
Have you wished you were more compulsive?
Do you always wait for a green light?
Do you save for a rainy day?
Do you turn off lights, and agonise over the plight of our planet?
“And the meek shall inherit the Earth!”
Nice story, but believe me, if you do not act when the chance comes, do not be surprised when it disappears.
Instincts are usually right, and even if a 50/50, better to be at the table, playing your hand, than watching the Players make money. No-one got rich on the bench!
I can give lots of cliches but the truth is you know this is right, the problem is people fail to act far too often. I have written a number of times, start small, grow big, however, I could have also said, speculate to accumulate.
I helped someone look into the EBay opportunity today, and demonstrated how to look for gaps, by researching what other people are doing, with success. Never be proud to copy someone else’s ideas. You can adapt, improve and list items. If you do not have a stake, go to a car boot, and pick up some similar items to the ones you have seen on EBay, list them cheap, gain selling experience. Far too often people look for perfection, and immaculate delivery, execution of a plan. You do not need to be perfect! Give it a go! It is fun, and you can develop your craft, with little cost. Once you have mastered the art, build a website for e commerce. Lower costs, no listing fees!
Enjoy life! Be a winner, even a small win, is a win. Winning becomes a habit. Try it.
I hope you are thinking again?
Life is good!
As always, Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Blackpool 01253477147


3 thoughts on “#Business “Can you be too cautious?”

  1. You can be too cautious Jeff, but sometimes past experience is the reason. “One bitten, twice shy”? You are right though, Without calculated bold steps you get nowhere, and it is that first step that makes the biggest difference. No everyone is in a position of being able to start up their business at the best time, but it reminds me of stepping onto an escalator. Once you find the courage to step onto the moving platform of business, you might as well think about walking rather than waiting to be deposited at the top.

    • John, as always, very constructive feedback. Love the elevator reference. I appreciate we are all made different, however, sometimes, fear overcomes ambition, and that is often a great loss. Many talented people are not Inspired and supported when they need it most. We have a shortage of skilled Mentors. I keep trying to throw ideas out their, whilst I still am able.

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