#Business “Why use Social Media?”

Some of you will have attended my Road To Business courses, and will know that I am a huge supporter of Social Media, in particular when used to grow Businesses.
I started getting to understand the value of Twitter, and once I had mastered how to find followers, how to use it to get the message out their. 140 characters is a great discipline to learn. It enables you to point people to other places if they are interested/intrigued by your tweet.
One obvious place is a Blog, as indeed you are reading right now. I initially thought this was the exclusive use for writers and intellectuals. How wrong can you be? I never would have thought that i could have written over 100 so far, ranging from “Marjorie Peanuts” fun ones, to more serious Business ones. I have a regular following, and believe that it can make a difference.
I have consistently said that you need critical mass, which in essence means you need people to target, in sufficient quantities. I have developed a network of over 2,300 twitter followers, and of those about 100 hard core followers. People that retweet etc.
I have also nearly 100 followers on LinkedIn, and I have only just started on this site.
This allows me to influence people. Imagine if this was your business? How would you like people to be mentioning you and your product?
A few days ago we helped Jemma who is the singer in a band called “the nameless girl”. She wants 1,000 people to “Like” her Facebook site. She smashed this with over 3,000! She has a loyal following, but always strives to improve her site and Social Networking reach. She makes her Facebook interesting and full of “Giving”, little “Taking”. You are drawn in. A good lesson to everyone.
I have previously asked people to comment on my WordPress, and I appreciate this requires effort, as you have to register. Please can those of you that read regularly, “Like” and leave a comment. It matters!
I am approaching my 3000th view on my Blogs, which spurs me on, so come on!
Recap, joined up thinking. Twitter is a vehicle to signpost to your shop front. This could be Blog, Facebook, Website,EBay,Etsy,Photographs or indeed anything requiring people to view.
I hope this helps?
Help me to help you! If you do like what I am doing say so!
Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Blackpool 01253 477147


One thought on “#Business “Why use Social Media?”

  1. Thanks Geoff!
    We are social media converts too and I find it very worthwhile in terms of business. As an event management company we are also particularly interested in the use of social media before, during and after an event to enhance the experience even further.
    Keep up the good work!
    Becki Cross
    Events Northern Ltd

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