#Business “Support New Talent”

Do we give young people a chance?
One of my recent blogs concerned a lovely young musician, called Jemma, The Nameless Girl, and 1 comment got me thinking.
What triggered tonight’s blog?
Someone commented on my Facebook that they only liked the Rolling Stones, and Jemma’s music was not for them!
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, thank goodness! However, let us consider this comment. The Rolling Stones last decent record was about 1970, over 40 years ago. True they are legends, but is it healthy to look backwards all the times?
Radio 6 was nearly closed down recently, until the public mounted a media storm. This is one of the few stations playing new and alternative music, long may it last!
Enough on music.
The message tonight is youth is our future, stifle it and you damage all our futures. At the lowest common denominator, the ageing population needs their taxes to pay for our state pensions.
Schools and Colleges churn out young people, give them high expectations, with little opportunities to fulfil these aspirations. It is all our responsibilities to ensure we equip them with life skills to obtain either employment or the necessary Entrepeneur skills to run their own businesses.
Enterprise agencies are in danger of closing due to the demise of NWDA, and no monies being released by Government, as yet, to provide the training and support for new start ups and high growth businesses. This is criminal! As of today no schemes are in place!
Schools and Colleges need external help from professionals, not academics. People that have the T Shirt! Will they grasp this?
Courses like my Road to Business, are based on the real world, not academia. I want to help our young people!
If you want to see people like me continue, say so. Write a comment. Like the blog. Write to your council and say “This man has helped me, support him”
Can I just go back to music, sad week with the loss of Robin Gibb. I am proud to say I saw their last full UK concert, 1 night only, one of only 6 concerts worldwide, at Wembley. True talent.
Visit YouTube and look up “The Nameless Girl” young talent at its best.
As always, Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Blackpool 01253477147


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