#Business “your Website is your shop window”

When you go out at night, do you take a pride in your appearance?
If you wish to impress someone would you make an effort to make a good first impression?
Can you tell me what happens when you waste that first chance to impress? Of course you can! Haven’t we all wished at some point in our lives, that we could be given a second chance!
Why, therefore, do you think the virtual world, or the web, is any different? In actual fact it is far worse. In real life you can always try and explain yourself. On the web, you are not able to speak for yourself. The site is it!
So what is my point?
Someone finds you after searching on the web. Result you shout.
But is it? If your site is one dimensional, uninteresting, lacking the wow factor, people will go elsewhere. People have a choice, they are in command, and at the click of a mouse, can find someone else.
Your site is your shop window, and just like a shop window, it needs to be interesting 24/7. Consumers need to be stimulated to buy.
Your website should be the focal point of your business. The hub from which comes everything!
It should be up to date
Have internal and external links.
Pictures that are updated.
Videos, preferably from YouTube. Google “Likes” that you may recall.
A Blog
A FaceBook link
LinkedIn link
It should give more than it takes.
Language matters when writing “code”.
Checking Google Adwords,,can help with the most effective words or phrases to use in titles etc.
Everything you do should be directed at gaining front page status on Google. You need to work at this. It takes time!
I hope this makes you think again!
As always, Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Blackpool. 01253477147

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