#Business “Good Salesmen take decisive actions”

Are Salesmen Born? NO!
It is hokum.
Salesmen are professionals. It takes years to perfect your craft. Only when you have learned the art of listening will you really succeed,
You need a good product or proposition that is obvious. If not that is called a con!
People must need not what you have to sell. They need not necessarily know that until you point it out, of course.
People buy what something does for them. It needs a value! Never more so than now. You are competing against everyone else wanting that money in his pocket! You better listen for those buying signals! Have a list of good strong positive open questions to elicit the right answers. Lead the call, show empathy, agree often. Praise, be liked!
No-one wins unless they ask for the order!
Enjoy selling! Have fun! No-one likes to be sold TO! Smile, but not “here’s johny”
Enjoy today, Sun is coming out
As always, Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Blackpool 01253477147


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