#Business FYCreatives and Eighty One Central, Blackpool

“I have no choice I have to work from home!”. This is the common cry from new Business Starts.
This week I blogged about the 18-24 year old new scheme for “new Businesses”, announced by the Government. Several people outside of this age group wrote to me, understandably, and asked “what about me?”
Money, loans or grants are really useful, and in some cases vital, however, what if there was another way?
Now before I start, this does not fit everyone, so pleased do not send me irate notes!
If you need the Internet, and somewhere to act as a base, have you thought about your local authority?
All local authorities provide some form of scheme, to assist new starts.
Today I will concentrate on my home town, but this could just as easily be yours.
In Blackpool, for the last 5 years, we have run a scheme called Get Started. It offered Grants, training, Business Plan and Cashflow completion support, mentoring, and the chance of low cost office accommodation for creatives.
It has been a success. Some superb Businesses owe a great deal to the programme. Many of you owe a lot to the advice and support you received.
At this point can I just thank all those of you that sent me such touching messages after yesterday’s blog.
So on to today’s blog.
Most new, modern, businesses need the Internet? Wireless Blackpool provides free Internet access in many locations in the town centre. All Libraries have Internet access for free.
FYCreatives, 154 Church Street, Blackpool has Hot Desk facilities. You simply join the centre, and book your desk! Yes, directed towards creatives, however, new Businesses will be considered!
That is FREE!
If you would like a more fixed, but still temporary arrangement, you can pay a small fee to reserve the station and use as your “office”. All usual facilities are available.
Once you have started to win business, and you are able to afford rent, there are superb small offices in the building, suitable for 1 / 2 people. Very affordable rents!
If you outgrow these, you can move 100 yards down the road to 81C, where the Council have opened purpose built, high end office accommodation. Once again at affordable prices.
I hope you can see from this, you can go from Hot Desk, which is Free, right up to plush offices, in a measured way.
Finances are always needed, but try and start with as little as possible, borrow only when no option, reduce the reliance on debt!
Overheads kill businesses. Think before you spend!
I will keep blogging, and will help new businesses as long as I have breath in my body. There is no way I will let you guys down!
Thank you for your support!
As always, and as long as I am needed,
Geoff Reeves, FYCreatives, Blackpool 01253477147. Give the centre a call, pop in and see Fiona and Garth.


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